lukefahr [at] indiana [dot] edu

401E Lindley Hall
150 S. Woodlawn Ave
Bloomington, IN 47405


Andrew Lukefahr is an Assistant Professor in the Computer Science Department at Indiana University.

A CV is available here.


I have always been excited by how computers work, and I enjoy pushing the limits of their capabilities. My past research focused on improving the energy efficiency of mobile processor cores by introducing heterogeneity within the core to enable both high performance and energy efficient modes. Through intelligently scheduling the use of both modes, the processor can reduce energy consumption while continuing to deliver high performance.

My future research interests lie primarily in energy efficient architectures and applications for IoT systems. These tiny devices have big tasks, bringing a world of new information to our fingertips. Yet we expect them to slip silently into the background of life. To accomplish this, these devices must function with only energy harvested from their surroundings, making energy-efficicency critical for their survival.

Other research topics which interest me include embedded control systems and quality-of-service guarantees for large-scale internet services.